ITE Isolanti S.r.l. stands out for the high level of quality and reliability of the products it supplies and for the guarantees it is able to offer its customers, through the optimisation of resources, reduction of non-conformities, responsiveness, flexibility in management, innovation and orientation towards continuous improvement.

For this purpose, in 2004 the Quality Management System was certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and, subsequently, in 2010, it was certified according to the IRIS standard, which has now become ISO/TS 22163:2017 (specific for the Railway Sector).

What are our priorities

Our priority is to provide products and services that meet customer requirements on a regular basis in order to increase customer satisfaction:

Competence and training
The level of competence and training of personnel is constantly monitored and updated.
Quality control
All stages of the production process are subject to scrupulous checks in order to guarantee the highest quality and conformity of the products manufactured.
On Time Delivery Plan
We have an 'OTD' (on time delivery) plan in place, thanks to which we are able to accurately schedule processing and meet deliveries.
Traceability System
The traceability system set up allows us to monitor our process at 360°, from the procurement of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product, in order to identify and resolve potential criticalities.
Our 'PMP' (planned maintenance plan) allows us to maintain a high level of efficiency of our production means and equipment in order to guarantee the level of quality and reliability of the products supplied.
We see our work as that of a tailor, where every suit is different even if it looks the same. Always: because customisation, for us, is the normality

Meeting requirements: our daily challenge

For ITE Isolanti S.r.l., regularly meeting requirements and addressing future needs and expectations is a daily challenge in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment.

The process approach adopted by ITE Isolanti S.r.l. involves managing processes and their interactions in order to achieve the expected results in accordance with the organisation’s quality policy and strategic directions.

Process management is implemented using the PDCA cycle, with a general orientation towards risk-based thinking, aimed at seizing opportunities and preventing undesired results.