Product and compound certification
Thanks to the collaboration with test laboratories certified by Accredia (the Italian Accreditation Body) and recognised by the Ministry of Transport such as LAPI and Istituto Giordano, ITE Isolanti offers the possibility of certifying and validating the product or compound in order to meet the requirements of the end customer.
Production of customised systems
With the aid of sophisticated automated systems, we are able to produce custom-cut products by number control, of simple or complex shape, consisting of one or more layers of different materials coupled together and with one or more surfaces coated with fabrics of various kinds, with aluminium or simply adhesive in order to facilitate installation on site.
Technical consultancy for material selection
Our technical team is available to listen to your needs and propose the most suitable solutions in order to achieve the best price/performance ratio. We offer a wide range of customised solutions, optimised to individual requirements, for both small and large series.
Design activities with 3D modelling
ITE Isolanti makes use of advanced design and 3D modelling software through which design studies can be carried out, whether implementing existing designs or developing new ones, we provide our know-how, experience and professionalism. We are therefore able to develop prototypes, make samples and carry out functional tests.
On-site dimensioning
We provide our team of specialised operators to take the measurements that will then be used by us to create the drawing with the help of our advanced 2D drafting and 3D modelling software in order to minimise the risk of error, especially when the drawing specifications are absent, incomprehensible or when they have a revision index that is too old.
On-site installation support
Post-delivery service that places our team of specialised operators at your disposal in order to provide installation support together with a demonstration of the best technique to follow in order to work faster, more comfortably and safely, obtaining a qualitatively better result.