Railway Applications

Fire and safety protection for cable ducts

The need for compartmentalisation cannot disregard the protection of technological installations such as cable ducts carrying electrical cables and plant networks in compartmentalised areas. The design solution to these problems can avoid certain important risk factors during a fire, such as:

  • loss of system functionality (especially for electrical systems, alarm systems, solenoid valves of fire extinguishing systems, etc.)
  • fire propagation through ducts
  • ignition factors related to short circuits (for electrical installations)

Many electrical systems and equipment must remain in operation even in the event of a fire: this applies to many industrial plants, alarm systems, emergency telephone lines, lifts, auxiliary power supply and emergency lighting in buildings: operation must remain efficient under safe conditions. A variety of protection materials are used, but by evaluating the characteristics of the installation and the customer’s needs, we are able to offer the best solution at the most convenient price.