Insulation systems for comfort and safety in the

Our solutions in the railway sector

We want to lead by example, not imitate.

Quality and process control


Since its foundation in 1924, Ite Isolanti has had the ambition to become the benchmark company in the field of industrial insulation.


We strongly want it to be the high level of quality we offer that makes us stand out.


Reducing non-conformities and days of delay to zero is our daily business. Maniacal control of business processes is our credo.


Innovating is the added value we try to bring to our solutions every day by pursuing, never satiated, continuous improvement.

Complete, customised solutions

Because exceptions are the rule.

We see our work as that of a tailor, where every suit is different even if it looks the same. Always.

With expertise we listen, advise and solve the most diverse problems and requirements, working as a team and achieving the tailor-made suit for every situation.

Because customisation is the norm for us

Respect for the environment

Because sustainability is not a game!

We have invested in world champion Tetris software. But not to play games: to reduce processing waste to the benefit of costs.

Using recyclable raw materials and materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible is our commitment.

To offer more economical and environmentally friendly solutions. We continuously train and sensitise our operators to responsible waste management.

Because sustainability is not just a word but a constant commitment.

Immediate answers for your peace of mind

When we have a problem in our homes and call a technician, we unfortunately know what it means to wait. But sometimes we cannot afford to wait. Satisfying requests with speed, punctuality and dedication is the first step to putting our passion into action.

We want to run with our customers, to win the race together with them.


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