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Thermal power plant and machine room insulation

A well-insulated industrial plant guarantees better efficiency, minimising heat loss and thus reducing energy consumption; furthermore, insulation protects the plant, maximising its lifespan.

A variety of insulation products are used, but by assessing the characteristics of the plant and the customer’s needs, we are able to offer the best solution at the most convenient price. We specialise in the design and installation of hot and cold industrial thermal insulation. Thanks to our experience and technical knowledge, we are able to offer a complete job – from design to installation of the insulation – executed according to the highest standards of Safety, Quality and respect for the Environment, offering the best solutions to limit heat loss, maintain temperatures and maximise process efficiency.

The insulation materials we install are the best on the market and guarantee exceptional thermal performance: mineral or glass fibre materials, polyurethane or phenolic resins, cellular glass, closed cell elastomers, and new generation aerogel materials. The finishes we install range from aluminium to stainless steel and non-metallic coatings. The experience gained and the level of specialisation of our technical design staff and personnel allow us to propose high-performance, tailor-made solutions.