Today, ITE Isolanti S.r.l. produces to order, according to customer design specifications, products with high thermal and acoustic performance, light weight and high energy efficiency, as well as recyclable and with a high safety content that find applications in many sectors, from the Railway and Industrial Sectors to Public and Private Buildings. It also offers a wide variety of customisation, design, certification and installation services.



2021 Invests in RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT in order to implement heating technology in other applications
2021 Renovates the WEBSITE
2020 Provides floor heating for rail vehicles currently operating on the Italian regional fleet
2020 Obtains EN 15085 CL4 CERTIFICATION
2020 Acquires a NUMERICALLY CONTROLLED MILLING MACHINE for rigid materials with a 2,200mm x 6,400mm worktable
2020 DOUBLES THE SPACE of its premises dedicated to the railway and industrial sector in Venaria Reale
2019 IMPLEMENTATION OF A CLIMATISED ROOM for the special gluing process
2019 INVESTS IN TRAINING aimed at managing the special gluing process (EAB & EAS qualifications)
2018 Acquires a NEW ESTABLISHMENT in Nichelino for the marketing of Building and Plant Engineering products
2018 Acquires a 3D MODELLING SOFTWARE to develop insulation and floor design activities
2018 Creates a NEW LOGO for the Rail Division
2017 Collaborates with the POLITECNICO DI TORINO to develop low-weight, space-saving and energy-efficient heating solutions for the automotive sector
2014 Invests in high-profile human resources
2013 Expands its product range by starting to produce PRE COMPOSITE FLOORS FOR THE RAILWAY SECTOR

2012 - 2003

2012 Acquires an ADHESIVIZING MACHINE to manufacture compound panels
2011 Builds an AIR CONDITIONED WAREHOUSE for the storage of ADHESIVE materials
2010 Obtains IRIS CERTIFICATION specifically for the railway sector
2007 Acquires a NEW FACTORY in Venaria Reale where it concentrates production of thermo-acoustic insulation systems for the Railway and Industrial sectors
2007 Purchase of a second CNC CUTTING MACHINE to cope with the growing production load
2006 Participates in the construction of several OLYMPIC WORKS (media spina 2 village, CTO hospital, Olympic stadium, various multi-purpose centres)
2005 Obtains SOA CERTIFICATION in order to participate in public works tenders
2004 Obtains UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification for its quality management system
2003 Acquires a NUMERIC-CONTROLLED CUTTING MACHINE aimed at reducing machining tolerances. Anticipates times by treating insulation as a precision element, reducing energy losses in industrial applications

1990 - 1924

1990 Consolidates its LEADERSHIP position in Piedmont and extends its market to a national level
1984 Becomes the first Italian supplier of insulation for FIAT FERROVIARIA, today Alstom Savigliano site, and starts working with ANSALDO BREDA, today Hitachi Rail Pistoia site.
1983 Carried out a DIVERSIFICATION OF PRODUCTS that allowed the company to expand its field of activity, entering the railway sector
1981 Carried out its first installation work in the CONSTRUCTION SECTOR (acoustic ceilings, rei partitioning in hospitals, supermarkets, schools, theatres, companies and public bodies) and the INDUSTRIAL SECTOR (turbine insulation).
1980 It changed its NAME to ITE isolanti S.r.l., changing its organisational structure’ from a family-run business.
1975 Introduction of the INSTALLATION SERVICE for marketed products
1970 ENLARGES THE RANGE OF PRODUCTS by introducing expanded elastomers for the insulation of cooling systems and rock wool for heating systems
1950 The first company in Turin and one of the first in Italy to market INSULATION PRODUCTS that are still current, such as mineral wool, expanded cork, polystyrene and polyurethane
1924 I.T.E. is founded as a company specialising in the marketing of Thermoelectric Insulators