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Air ducting soundproofing

Soundproofing forced ventilation systems, air ducts and grilles can bring about an improvement in company conditions.
Air exchange is a necessity for anyone working in an enclosed environment. For this purpose, one is obliged to create a forced ventilation system.

These systems, unfortunately, have the particularity of being very noisy. Our technical staff has created an innovative technology that guarantees efficiency and silence. To silence a ventilation duct, it is necessary to create a silencer inside it, which allows air to pass through, but at the same time does not allow the noise to propagate and amplify.

Ventilation system equipment and the passage of air through ducts can give rise to unwanted noise, even loud noise, which generally has to be attenuated. The noise can also come from an adjacent flat or room along the air ducts, passing through the walls.

Effective noise reduction is an important factor in creating a more pleasant home and work environment. Possible alternatives for noise reduction are the use of quieter ventilation systems, silencers and insulators.

ITE Isolanti products are used in a wide range of ventilation systems and silencers. Ducts function as an acoustic transmission channel that diffuses sound from one room to another. Insulation applied to the outside of the duct helps to attenuate the intensity of sound passing through the duct walls.