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Compressor casing soundproofing

ITE Isolanti works in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation to obtain ecologically advanced solutions in the insulation of equipment Our structure makes use of sophisticated automated and numerically controlled systems for the prototyping, design and production of manufactured products, supported by the work of qualified technicians and teams of workers dedicated to measuring and assembly.

The design is carried out using 3D modelling tools starting from one of the following conditions:

  • Measurement survey by our team of skilled workers
  • Two-dimensional technical drawings of the object
  • Shipment by the supplier of the already realised 3D model.

We then proceed to create the drawing with appropriate software to obtain the mathematical 3D CAD model of the gas machine, which accurately defines every part of its shape. Using the resulting model, we proceed to manufacture the insulating panels, with the aid of an automated process using a sophisticated system of cutting plotters and numerically controlled die-cutting machines, industrial sewing machines, and various special machines that complete the process.