Floor and Heating Walls

ITE-floor is the set of solutions that ITE Isolanti makes available to customers for what concerns the
HEATING WALLS: railway vehicle floors, both in terms of insulation and the floor system itself.

ITE ISOLANTI, based on its many years of experience in pre-fitting the floor system, has succeeded in developing an innovative heated floor system It is a solution that solves a problematic aspect of heating in carriages, saving energy and at the same time ensuring great ease of installation.

It is a high-tech product that offers superior performance to conventional heating systems and guarantees a comfortable environment for all passengers.

ITE-floor was designed and developed in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Turin.

The two types of floor heating available and ready for production are the multilayer wood THERMAL WOOD and the aluminium sandwich ALU FLOOR.

The THERMAL WOOD has already been and is currently produced and supplied to Trenitalia from 2020.

The ALU FLOOR is currently being developed and it is estimated that it will be officially presented by the end of 2023.
In the same way and with the same aim, i.e. satisfying the customer’s requirements and needs, ITE ISOLANTI has produced ITE-THERM, a sound-absorbing, heat-insulating panel to be applied to the wall covered with a waterproof fabric that makes it possible to reduce the energy input into the railway carriage while maintaining the desired thermal gradient.